All year round (1 to 4 pm daily) Saddleworth Museum offers something for everyone but we especially invite families to visit our four collection and display galleries and enjoy the numerous “child friendly” areas.

For example, in gallery 2, children can dress up as a Morris man or in gallery 4 as a nurse or soldier! We encourage parents to take photos and, if they want, share them with us on our Facebook site with comments about their visit.

Our interactives include our wheels and cogs, jigsaws and telephone playback messages in gallery 1, watch the video and learn how to weave and play snakes and ladders in gallery 2, and finally more weaving and use our play desk in gallery 3.

Other displays which may be of interest to the young are Romans, rocks and bones (gallery 1), rushcart (gallery 2), Victorian parlour (gallery 3) and costumes and railways (gallery 4).

When families arrive at our reception we encourage them to ask for the family bags and the “Family Trail”. For the summer school holidays we have launched the “Bee Trail”.

Available for children of all ages with your gallery admission price (“Friends” are free- enquire about joining)! Obtain your “bee trail” form at reception. Find the bees around the museum and answer the questions. If you get all the answers you could win a set of “Playmobil” figures!

Whether you take part in the bee trail or not, why not buy one of our own hand-crafted bees for £2

The museum reception (telephone number 01457 874093) is open 1 – 4 pm daily. Our address is Saddleworth Museum and Gallery, High Street, Uppermill, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, OL3 6HS.