Due to the coronavirus pandemic all museums and galleries are closed, therefore:-

From Saturday 6th June to Saturday 4th July Saddleworth Museum (in conjunction with the Saddleworth Group of Artists) will hold the planned 70th anniversary art exhibition on-line.

All works can be bought direct from the artists [via  criblane@googlemail.com email]. Anyone interested should follow the museum’s Facebook site and/or the museum exhibition page.

These are the artists exhibiting:-

Bates, Ted
Bowie , Janis
Braithwaite, Jane
Campbell , Helen
Clark, Andy
Crilley, Nancy
Davis, Mark
Dewsbury, Sheila
Durrans, Pamela
Etherington, Ron
Fish, Rachel
Haywood, Gillian
McCombs, John
McManus , Caroline
Radford, Jill
Ralston , David
Richmond, Terry
Robinson, David
Stringer, Steve
Thorpe, Glynis
Threlfall, Kevin
Willows, Alan

We welcomed a late addition on the 23rd June

Pellowe, John