Exhibitions in the Museum Community Gallery

The Community Gallery is open every day (except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day). Monday to Sunday 1-4 pm


7th November until 3rd December 2016 4MOST DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHIC GROUP – ‘AS IT WAS


helen-slater10th December 2016 until 15th January 2017 HELEN SLATER – WATER, EARTH AND AIR: CAPTURING THE ELEMENTS



quilters 21st January to 26th February 2017 THE CANALSIDE QUILTERS – ‘10TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION’



diana-terry4th March to 2nd April 2017 DIANA TERRY- ‘SADDLEWORTH EDGES’ 

Born in Manchester, living in Saddleworth, Diana Terry holds two masters degrees in Art and Architecture from the universities of Manchester and Liverpool. Diana introduces her work: “One of the many things that I love about living in Saddleworth is the way that built environment ends in a clear defined manner. Although it is on the edge of a conurbation the boundaries of the national park prevent the spread of building. The hills are apparent in all of the villages and form a natural backdrop to our lives. Landscape and architecture have been lifelong passions of mine and as I live in the Pennines this has had an influence on my work. Some local places have ‘edge’ as part of their name, describing the places where the millstone grit breaks through the peaty moor. I have used Millstone Edge, Harrop Edge and many others as starting places for my work.  I use Khaki papers covered in gesso – a mixture of paint, plaster of paris and glue – to provide a ground which can be built up to embed the textures of the landscape. My drawings are large, one x one and a half metres, in graphite and ink. I work in paint and plaster as I want to create surfaces that have a strong physicality, and allow me to mould and push the medium, but only allow me a short amount of time initially. I like to recreate the immediacy of the sketch and the wet plaster is perfect for this, due to its drying qualities. I feel that the viewer is placed on the edge of the land amidst the full force of the elements, recalling the traditions of the sublime.” As well as enjoying living in Saddleworth, Diana, as a freelance artist, has a studio in the Victorian Woodend Mill, Mossley and is always happy to see people there and show them her work; her large drawings are also available as prints. Diana has a website – www.diterry.com – and a Facebook page – www.facebook.com/dipotpaint – on which can be seen further examples of her great work in a varied range of interesting styles. 

8th April to 7th May 2017 Russell Howarth ‘Retrospective Exhibition’

Russell was born in Oldham in 1927 and left school in 1941 to become an engineer, a career that was to last until 1981. Russell had been teaching art part time for 20 years before leaving engineering and continued with this until 1992.

Russell has not received any formal art education, joined the Saddleworth Group of Artists in 1951 and paints and draws mainly Saddleworth landscapes. Some critics would say his engineering background and draughtsmanship show through in the exactness of his work.

Russell has examples of his work in many galleries and private collections in both the UK and abroad.

In his 90th year Saddleworth Museum and Gallery welcome the opportunity to present this retrospective of Russell’s work. This presents a wonderful opportunity for old friends and members of the public to view some examples of the work of this remarkable artist.

13th May to 11th June 2017 Chris Cyprus ‘On a theme of Whitsuntide’


Born 1971, Gorton, Manchester Chris Cyprus worked in the building trade after leaving high school. Self taught as an artist, Chris has been painting professionally since 1999.

In the last decade Chris has emerged as a rising star of the art world, due to numerous publications & TV appearances, notably BBC Gardener’s World in summer 2008.

Chris’s work is of everyday life in the North and with a key focus of life on English allotment.

Now his paintings are in high demand and purchased by buyers both at home and abroad who find a magnetic appeal in the secret world of garden sheds and rugged Pennine townscapes. Now a major contemporary artist with a national reputation, he is widely recognised for his unique style, and like most prolific artists, he is a compulsive painter and absorbs ideas for his painting wherever he is including his own allotment. His trademark features of bold colour, ordinary everyday situations, and quiet humour strike a chord with serious collectors and art lovers everywhere. In 2012 Chris became a member of the Association of British Naive Artists

17th June  to 16th July 2017 Saddleworth Group of Artists ‘Summer Selection’


22nd July  to 3rd September 2017 John McCombs ‘Celebrates 50 years of painting and teaching in Saddleworth’


9th September to 1st October 2017 Judith Alsop Miles ‘Local Landscapes’