Museum Shop and Visitor Information Centre

The Museum Shop and Visitor Information Centre are open every day (except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day).Monday to Sunday 1-4 pm

Our friendly reception counter staff and volunteers are here to help you with you all your enquiries.

Museum Shop

Our modern, open plan and spacious shop offers a variety of local hand crafted items, many with a Saddleworth theme and unique to the museum. You are, of course welcome to just browse if you want or maybe just buy a small packet of bird food for the ducks on the canal!

In the section below we have tried to highlight just a few of our leading items at this time of year to provide a flavour. The shop sells toys, mugs, DVDs, cards, souvenir items, jewellery, paintings, drawings, maps, walking guides and books about Saddleworth, the local whistler, dialect songs, brass bands, family history and much more.

smart-and-gifted-v1Only available here! Our smart and gifted products has been developed as a unique range of items, most of which have the museum logo and have a Saddleworth theme.

shop-toys-v1We know that a day out with children can be expensive so we have on display, toys at affordable prices. Could you still show the kids how good you are with a Yo-yo!


shop-toys-v3Our stretchy apple and worms toy for the kids has obviously captured a “niche” market and is one of the many toys we have at affordable prices. This item is quickly “wriggling” off our shelves.

shop-local-and-handmade-v4We have a number of local and hand made items in the shop. Chutneys, jams, fudge, chocolate, aprons and beautiful glass ornaments. All unique and making perfect gifts.

smart-and-gifted-v4These are just a small sample of our unique smart and gifted range with the museum logo and a Saddleworth theme.

smart-and-gifted-v3More of our unique smart and gifted range with the museum logo and a Saddleworth theme. A souvenir and reminder of your visit. Here are some mugs, coasters and tea towels. 


Our affordable toys for children are on our low table displays but if you want something a little more special for the kids please browse the upper shelves.


And to carry all your purchases why not buy one of our unique cotton bags?


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Access to the shop is free and we welcome browsers!

Don’t forget – become a Friend of the Museum and you get not only free access to the museum galleries but 5% discount on most items in our shop.