EHXIBITION: The Russel Howarth Collection

BY: the Russel Howarth Trustees

DATE FROM: January 2021

DATE TO: December 2021

TIME: 24/7

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 2021 > ONLINE > “The Russel Howarth Collection” > by the Russel Howarth Trustees


Russel Howarth was a renowned and respected local artist  with a 70-year commitment of unwavering effort to draw and paint the Saddleworth area. The link to an earlier collection catalogue pdf is here > Catalogue pdf. Depicted here is a self portrait, c 1955, which was displayed at Russel’s exhibition, “Saddleworth in a Lifetime” , which was held in the museum during 2017.

Following the death of Russel last year the trustees of the museum were asked by the Russel Howarth executors to act as the Russel Howarth Trustees for that part of the estate primarily dedicated by Russel to support and encourage artists and ceramicists.

If you would like to own one of these works of art by the painter AND help support Russel’s bequest please order online here >  Art Online   or email

All works are signed originals by the artist and the actual size of the work itself is listed and displayed here.

The works in these collections are presented as framed by the artist.

Catalogue No. 00313 £430 SOLD 

Towpath Dobcross, View looking along Huddersfield Narrow Canal towards Dobcross Loom works, Oil on board,  Size 44 (h) x 36.05 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00316 £250 SOLD 

Ryetop, Greenfield, Drawing of Rye Top which is located just below Pots and Pans,  Pencil,  Size 45 (h) x 35 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00318 £250 Not For Sale 

Watermans Cottage, Diggle, Waterman’s cottage on the moors, Diggle, Oil on board,  Size 37 (h) x 44.5 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00320 £380 SOLD

Thurstones, Ridge Lane, Diggle, Looking up Ridge Lane, Diggle to ‘Thurstones’, Oil on board,  Size 31 (h) x 37 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00323 £450 SOLD

Long Lane, Dick Clough, Greenfield, Looking across Dick Clough, Greenfield from Long Lane with Hawthorn trees in blossom, Oil on board,  Size 48 (h) x 59 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00326 £525 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“New Delph”, a view of houses that stand overlooking Delph Crossroads, New Delph, Oil on board,  Size 49 (h) x 59 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00327 £225 SOLD OFFLINE enquiries to

Houses, Broadhead Noddle, Broadhead Noddle, Pen and ink drawing,  Size 30 (h) x 38 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00329 £225 SOLD

Nicker Brow, Dobcross, A view at the top of Nicker Brow, Dobcross, Pencil drawing,  Size 37 (h) x 27 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00330 £200 SOLD

Old Victoria, Diggle, Looking up to ‘Old Victoria’, Standedge, Diggle, Pencil drawing,  Size 30 (h) x 25 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00333 £250 SOLD

Towpath and Loom Works, Dobcross, Looking along Huddersfield Narrow Canal towards Dobcross loom works, Pencil drawing,  Size 38 (h) x 45 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00335 £350 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Shops, King Street, Delph”.  From a side street looking across to terrace of shops on King St, Delph, Oil on board,  Size 29.05 (h) x 24.05 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00338 £240 SOLD

Bleak Hey Nook, Diggle, View of cottages at Bleak Hey Nook, Diggle, Oil on board,  Size 18.05 (h) x 22 (w) cm

Catalogue No. 00340 £500 SOLD OFFLINE enquiries to

Orb Mill from Strinesdale, View of Orb Mill, Waterhead from Strinesdale, Oil on board,  Size 34 (h) x 52 (w) cm

Catalogue no. 00401: £380 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

 “Mow Walls, Dobcross”. Oil on board, 37(h) x 31(w) cm. Mow Walls Cottage, Ladcastle Lane, Dobcross

Catalogue no. 00407: £310 SOLD

“Bleakhey Nook”. Mixed Media, 54(h) x 39(w) cm. Cottages Bleakhey Nook, Diggle.

Catalogue no. 00409: £535 SOLD

“Lark Hill, Dobcross”. Oil on board, 40(h) x 60(w) cm. View looking along Lark Hill Lane, Dobcross.

Catalogue no. 00412: £275 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Dick Clough, Greenfield”. Pencil, 30(h) x 45(w) cm. View across Dick Clough, Greenfield with Whitebrook Lane.

Catalogue no. 00421: £750 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Untitled “– Canal, Diggle. Oil on board, 59(h) x 75(w) cm. View along Huddersfield Canal at Diggle.

Catalogue no. 00427: £210 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Rye Top, Greenfield”. Pencil, 20(h) x 30(w) cm. View of Rye Top Farm, Greenfield located below Pots and Pans.

Catalogue no. 00430: £425 SOLD 

“Ambroses, Diggle”. Oil on board, 51(h) x 34(w) cm. Ambroses, Diggle, from Sandy Lane.

Catalogue no. 00434: £375 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Delph Village”. Oil on board, 44(h) x 29(w) cm. View of Delph Village from Hill End

Catalogue no. 00439: £280 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Dobcross Square”. Oil on board, 30(h) x 20(w) cm. View of Dobcross Square with memorial.

Catalogue no. 00442: £230 Available online at Art Online enquiries to

“Thurston Clough Road, Delph”. Pencil, 28(h) x 37(w) cm. Pencil drawing of cottages in Thurston Clough, Delph.

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