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The Canalside Quilters

About the partnership

We have for many years, with a small break whilst the museum was being refurbished, been a resident group in the community gallery at Saddleworth Museum and Gallery on a Tuesday. We try to support all local charities with an annual donation and the museum , being a registered charity (and our favourite “home from home”), will continue to be our dedicated charity whever we can.

We have a long-standing association with the “Quilters” so were really pleased that they were able to re-join us after our refurbishment. Our community gallery space is a Saddleworth community resource for all to use of course, so we, in recognition of our partnership, constructed some dedicated, and customised storage cupboards for the group to use. We hope our partnership flourishes. The Museum, 2019.

About Us

Our quilting group was started in the Museum Community Gallery beside the Huddersfield Narrow Canal a few years ago by a small group of enthusiasts. We appropriately named ourselves the Canalside Quilters.

The group originally started with just a Tuesday morning session but has grown so much that we now have an afternoon session. Apart from the weekly meetings we enjoy regular sales with specialist suppliers and have exhibitions on the walls of the Museum Gallery.

The group meet in the Community Gallery most Tuesdays with a morning group which meets 10.00 am to 12.30 pm and an afternoon group 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm. We have an annual fee with a session attendance fee on top and try to keep this to the minimum. Both sessions are currently more or less fully subscribed, but please don’t let that stop you coming into the community gallery on a Tuesday and having a chat! We would love to see you!

Please check the exhibitions page on the museum’s website to see if we currently have one of our temporary exhibitions in the community gallery.This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to see some of the work we produce.